After identifying an opportunity, Spencer developed a successful proposal to capture the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games from the unique perspective of the VPD's involvement. With the VPD being responsible for policing the "Urban Domain" (i.e., everything outside the actual venues), Spencer proposed to capture images that would capture the VPD's extraordinary work along with the pulse of the city during that exciting and historic time. 

During the games Spencer was largely self-directed and captured images of the Crowd Control Unit, Patrol officers, the Marine Unit, the Dog Squad, civilian employees, the Department Operations Centre, Traffic officers, the Mounted Unit, and Executive members, among others. 

Spencer demonstrated his organizational skills while managing and cataloguing the large volume of images and provided images each night for management team review and internal distribution the next morning. In addition to sharing the images internally, some were published in a VPD Commemorative Magazine, the Georgia Straight, police publications such as "Police Chief" (the magazine of the International Association of Police Chiefs), the VPD's Annual Report and "Beyond the Call" publication, and on the VPD website.  



 "Spencer showed that he was adaptable and flexible. He handled himself professionally during a variety of challenging environments, particularly during the volatile 'Black Bloc' anarchist protest. He remained calm and professional while remaining mindful of his surroundings and working in close contact with the VPD officers working during the Games."
VPD Deputy Chief Constable Doug LePard